Bienvenida a TBLA

La Bahía de Tomales Library Association (TBLA) ofrece apoyo financiero para la Biblioteca del Condado de Marin ramas en Point Reyes Station e Inverness y para la biblioteca de la Escuela West Marin.

TBLA recauda dinero a través de membresías y hace un llamamiento especial para la compra de libros y materiales en Inglés y Español, para la mejora de edificios y terrenos, y para los programas que fomentan la lectura y el uso de la biblioteca.

Welcome to TBLA

The Tomales Bay Library Association (TBLA) provides financial support for Marin County Library branches in Point Reyes Station and Inverness and for the West Marin School library.

TBLA raises money through memberships and special appeals for the purchase of books and materials in English and Spanish, for improvements to buildings and grounds, and for programs that encourage reading and library use.


“TBLA is providing a valuable service to literacy, to creativity, and to the community”

— Frances Lefkowitz


Dear Friends

As the time of year rolls around for our annual appeal to join (or re-join) the Tomales Bay Library Association, I think back on a very productive year. First of all, thanks so much to all of you who contributed funds during the past year. Your generous support has allowed TBLA to fulfill our mission to support our local libraries of Inverness, Point Reyes and West Marin School. This support enabled us to fund events and activities for the Point Reyes and Inverness libraries chosen by our librarian, Bonny White, and her amazing staff, such as snacks for Reading on the Ranches, origami workshops, music performances, and other programs. One notable event TBLA sponsored was the retirement party for Nancy Hemingway. After serving for forty years, Nancy retired as librarian of the Inverness Library. Her party at The Dance Palace was filled with food, music, and wonderful speeches and celebrated Nancy as the "dancing queen" of the libraries. TBLA was happy to fund this wonderful occasion. This Spring, a mini daffodil field bloomed outside the Point Reyes Library due to new and re-furbished planter boxes. TBLA funded these boxes and filled them with hundreds of daffodil bulbs. We will continue to fund planting and maintenance of the Point Reyes planter boxes. Financial assistance to the West Marin School Library allowed school librarian Colleen Conley to purchase new books and re-new magazine subscriptions both in the Spring and again at the start of the new school year. TBLA funded the doubling of the very successful paperback book shelves and additional bean bag chairs. TBLA firmly stands in support of the importance of the school library.

Photo Gallery

These are photos from events and projects sponsored by the Tomales Bay Library Association.

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